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East part of the commune in the part calledthe Mountain of Altiani, the left bank of Tavignanu consists of bare rocky soil covered with sparse vegetation, sparse scrub with some cork oaks. To the east of part, away from the prevailing westerly winds, is the port of San Damiano, which was built in Roman times. Mon prénom est Ludo, je suis un homme actif bien monté qui adore être sucé pendant un plan cul.

Antonio Biaggi est bien membré et le passif docile et soumis, met tout en oeuvre pour lui donner du plaisir. Aiti occupies the part of the mountain chain in the west of the massif of Monte San Petrone which is separated by the Casaluna Valley. This is part of a point located 500m west of Punta San Damiano ending 200 m from the beach of Aregno in the east. As a backup a new bridge was built 50 m downstream, the new bridge on National Highway 200 was opened to traffic on 11 July 2011. The inhabitants of the commune are known as Aïtinchi, Aiti is some 15 km north of Corte and about 25 km inland from the east coast of Corsica. The vegetative cover in uncultivated areas has different landscapes at different levels, near the ridges vegetation is low moorish carved by strong winds with rocky grasslands. Square kilometres and had a population of almost 67 million people as of January 2017. Barbaggio backs onto the slope of the mountains of the Serra di Pigno. List of Successive Mayors of Aiti In 2009, the commune had 32 inhabitants, the evolution of the number of inhabitants is known through the population censuses conducted in the town since 1793.

At the level of the village there are trees, Holly Oaks. Professional fishermen have almost disappeared and activities have turned to tourism, in a few decades the population of Algajola almost tripled although its territory is small. The D84 continues south west though the middle of the commune and down to the sea at Porto by a very arduous and convoluted route following the mountain ridges. Feature of this road is to have two single lane bridges on the route from Corte to the sea at Aleria, the Ajuinta bridge, the Genovese Bridge is particularly noteworthy and is classified as a historical monument. There is a dam with a large lake in the south of the commune. Conversion to Catholicism in 498, the Frankish monarchy, elective and secular until then, became hereditary and of divine right.

It is a member state of the European Union and the Eurozone. In summer this scrub is brown, dry, and ready to ignite, fires are quite common in this valley. The Romans, who built a colony in Aléria, considered Corsica as one of the most backward regions of the Roman world, the island produced sheep, honey, resin and wax, and exported many slaves, not well considered because of their fierce and rebellious character. West of Monte Cinto is the Lac dArgentu, below the ridge lines thick and aromatic Alder bushes grow called u bassu in Corsican, an endemic shrub without a trunk. Corse department in the Corsica region of France. In the 18th century, after the transfer of Corsica to France, Aregnu merged with the pieves of Santo Andrea, the Pieve of Regino became, with the Revolution in 1790, the Canton of Algajola. Around the village are palm trees, mimosas, prickly pears, the cultivated areas are located on the plain.

The snow only reaches the heights of Pigno a few days a year, snowfall disrupts traffic in the Col de Teghime only rarely. Cassini until 1962, INSEE database from 1968 The commune of Aghione is predominantly agricultural, the hills are used for grazing goats, sheep, and pigs, while the plain is planted with vines and fruit trees. Tous les acteurs et modèles apparaissant sur ce site sont majeurs.

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